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Nendoroid : Playset #06 Engawa B Set [PRE-ORDER]


Brand Good Smile Company

RELEASE DATE : Early-Mid February 2019
Nendoroid Action Figure Series
An "engawa" Japanese porch area is joining the Nendoroid Playset series! The set is brought to you by Phat! Company and features a diorama area together with multiple little parts designed for use with Nendoroid-sized figures. The set comes in an A and B set, with this B set featuring a bamboo fence and a small garden area together with the porch. Give your Nendoroids a peaceful Japanese courtyard area to relax in!
A sleeping cat is included to place on the porch or elsewhere.
The diorama creates a relaxed atmosphere with various animals enjoying the sun.
The sliding door and glass door can both be opened and closed.
The A and B sets can be placed together for a larger courtyard. (The pond parts connect to form a round pond.)
-B Set Contents -
Pond, water surface (calm), rock (for shoes), bamboo broom, wheat tea set, bonsai, cat, frog.
*No Nendoroid figures are included with this product.
ABS&PVC non-scale diorama set for Nendoroids, approximately 160mm in height.
Connect the two halves to expand your Nendoroid's world! (This image includes the A Set, which is sold separately)
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