Megami Device x Alice Gear Aegis Kotobukiya 1/1 Plastic Model : Kaede – HYPETOKYO
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Megami Device x Alice Gear Aegis Kotobukiya 1/1 Plastic Model : Kaede Agatsuma


Brand Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya Plastic Model Series
Height: About 150mm
A collaboration of social Game "Alice Gear Aegis" and "Megami Device"!
Top Actress Kaede Agatsuma has become a plastic model with "Megami Device" specifications.
It also includes a present code to get bonus items you can use in the game!
"Megami Device" is a new plastic model kit series where you enjoy attaching weapons and armor parts to articulated bishoujo models.
The main body model "Machineca" is designed by Masaki Apsy.
Vol. 1 of the "Megami Device" collaboration with "Alice Gear Aegis" is Kaede Agatsuma, one of the main characters.
Fumikane Shimada is the designer as these game characters join the lineup!
-Includes the Kaede Agatsuma exclusive present code (Accessory: bunny tail, Costume: Shin Shana Kamen outfit, Shot Weapon Gear: Exclusive new riffle, and Kaede Agatsuma's pre-existing exclusive gear.
-3 types of pre-painted face parts are included.
-By changing the parts it's possible to recreate either a "busou mode" (armor mode) with a mechanical armor or a "sotai mode" (normal body mode) without the armor.
-Set includes various weapon parts such as dual swords, riffle, rocket launcher, and more. You can act out many different combat scenes.
-Parts for lying poses such as the thruster effect and attacks such as shooting effects use clear materials.
-The new body model "machinika" has an amazing articulation range that makes it possible to pose it with weapons or sitting with a natural look.
-The item features 3mm diameter holes that make it compatible with previously released items from M.S.G series, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl series.
-Set includes decals such as eyes and markings.
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